Tarif Mekanı – Yemek tarifleri ve hayata dair…

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Down in front! Glagnar’s Human Rinds presentsThis Week in the Universe. This is real futuristic. Don’t talk during the movie. NeW NeW York mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer… opens a neW tube line to alleviate rush-hour traffic. Dateline, Paramecium HomeWorld. Miss Universe Gladys Lennox… entertains troops fighting to Wipe out the human race. Go get’em, boys! In Ultimate Robot Fighting, The Masked Unit Wins against… Gorgeous Gonks by technical melting. Go, Masked Unit! Mind taking your head off? I need it to watch the movie.

That’s right, baby! And so, to everyone and everything I’ve ever known, So, how are you, Fry? Pretty good. You? Kif, get over here. You’ve got to try this! Yes, but according to the Old Farmer’s Wikipedia, the amazing thing about Kif’s species is that the remains continue suffering for up to six hours after death. That’s so interesting! Don’t ask where I was last night. For all you know, I was at home, perhaps baking a strudel. What’s her problem? Somebody die or something? Kif’s dead, Bender.



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